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        At present, the Chelsea lineup has been basically in place, the only thing that needs to be adjusted is the back line. In addition, there are still some doubts about the position of goalkeeper. I think that Kepa does not need to be replaced. Cech has also supported the number one goalkeeper of the blue army, and thinks that he can give some time and Kepa has a future in Chelsea. However, the recent rumors still have the news of the introduction of a new goalkeeper, but this may be the meaning of the manager, and then how to make a final conclusion still needs Lampard's decision.

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        We should pay special attention to the thunder of individual stocks, ignoring the details of the market strength, because the small cycle cycle is relatively fast. When the market is strong, individual stocks can't help but continue to thunder. When the market turns into a weak position, Lei will further intensify. The harm of capital allocation to the market is huge, because of the product attribute of capital allocation, high leverage and low threshold, and the people who use capital allocation are not long-term users, which is essentially different from financing. Some of the financing will precipitate, and they will stay in the stock market for a long time. In the long run, the people who use capital allocation will die. Originally, these people can stay in the stock market without capital allocation (even if they are trapped in a short time, they may be unscrambled in the future). However, their money is actually made by the funding companies. I firmly resist capital allocation because it is like a thief in the stock market, and there is no bottom line. Its essence is usury.

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